Gavin Guss is the unannounced friend showing up on your doorstep on an autumn evening. The type that even though you may’ve not seen each other for a while, you pick up right where you left off. Different haircut, same laugh.

Known in the Northwest as the front man for TubeTop (debut album co-produced by Peter Buck of R.E.M.) and The Tycoons, Guss has toured extensively as a member of Nada Surf, and playing piano for Jon Auer (The Posies/ Big Star) and Harvey Danger. On High is Gavin Guss’ second solo album, and follows a recent 7” single from Fin Records, “Riga in the Fall,” [FIN-LE7-028].

On High [FIN-LE12-043] is the batch of postcards he wrote but never dropped in the mail, deciding to deliver them in person instead. Slick guitars, keys and a voice that's at once melancholy, joyful and highly-caffeinated (ah, the Northwest), it’ll make you dance in your socks; cozy.